Sunday, 9 October 2011

Some adventures have only just begun...

It’s now 37 days since my second ICP finished and I returned to the UK.

What some might call a blogging fail, I prefer to refer to as being super busy and barely taking any time to stop. I was barely back 48 hours when my next adventure began and quite frankly I haven’t stopped since. To my amazement, even after I had left the magic of Disney World I was apparently still being spotted there so let assure you of 3 facts right now…

1) I have been in the UK since 3rd September

2) I do not own a pair of pink mouse ears with my name on.

3) Agent P is only ever visible in my backpack when he’s travelling internationally (it makes life easier at passport control :P )

Before I launch into a bit of a catch up I shall say this. If you have been reading my blog, watching my videos, or following my adventures via the Facebook page and have been thinking about having your own Disney adventure applications appear to be currently open on the Yummy Jobs website and I can’t recommend the experience enough. In all likelihood I shall never have the opportunity to work directly for the mouse again but the 6 months I had were 6 of the most incredible months of my life and I would encourage everyone to apply.

Right…well that’s enough of that!

Around the time of my last post the mountain was going through a bit of a CP exchange, the old Cps were leaving and the new ones were arriving and I can safely say that I wish I’d been able to spend more time with both groups of people. There was mini golf, parks, steak and shake, sweet tomatoes, TGI fridays, fireworks and more and I loved every moment of it except for the leaving part. There were rumours that during my last few shifts some tears were sighted and I can safely say that was true.

Since my departure it has been announced that Animal Kingdom will be getting some new residents. Something similar happened over at Epcot after I left and I can only assume that each time I leave a gaping hole is left and that the only way Disney can fill it is through millions of dollars worth of investment. Epcot got Duffy and now Animal Kingdom will be getting the Navi, a race of giant blue humanoids from Pandora that featured in James Cameron’s documentary: Avatar. If you’ve seen Ferngully or Pocahontas you can basically just replace the fairies/native Americans with blue people and save yourself a couple of hours. That film is also the reason everyone insists on bringing films out in 3D, giving me a migraine in the process.

I shall be continuing this blog because there is much about the summer that I haven’t talked about and because Disney World is an ever changing place that occupies a high space in my heart. Until next time I shall leave you with two  photos from the summer.