Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Day 2

Isn’t long distance travel fun? It comes with perks like waking up at 5am unintentionally.

Today basically consisted of a series of meetings dedicated to everything housing. The morning was spent filling out housing paperwork (signing your life away, finding out how much rent is, etc) and getting your housing ID. Cue awkward photo sessions...
At some point we got a voucher for Chik-fil-a so headed their for a really early lunch at about 11am. Then it was time for the oh so fun housing sessions and more paperwork. 3 1/2 hours later we finished. I’d give a summary of what was actually said but to be honest it was all fairly mundane and boring so believe me when i say its probably better that you don’t know what they tell you in advance.
We then all headed to Downtown Disney to have an explore. This was a lot of fun for me because none of the people i was with had ever been to WDW before. Their faces when we went in the World of Disney store were priceless. Then had the first proper meal of the trip at T-Rex and got back home around 11pm. rained a bit as well.
All in all another great day.
Tomorrow I get to find out where I’ll actually be working so that’s something to look forward to (I hope!)
Signing off...

Move-in Day!

So yesterday I moved into my apartment in Vista Way. Was absolutely exhausted. So many things seemed to happen yesterday that I’ll quickly try to run through them all...

First of all I didn’t get ANY sleep Monday night due to a combination of excitement and editing. The trip to Washington Dulles was all fairly straight forward. My layover was about an hour and a half which is usually plenty of time. Especially given that i was the first person off the plane. I joined the immigration queue and there was a massive long line of people who got off a plane from Tokyo and only 1 immigration officer was processing them. For the next hour I was constantly looking at my watch. I left Customs and Immigration with about 10 mins before my flight was due to take-off. Cue some manic sprinting though the airport because the gate was on the other side of the terminal. I got to the gate and they had literally just closed it about a minute earlier. I went straight to the customer service desk who (go United) were really helpful and booked me straight on the next flight no questions asked. Unfortunately, that meant a 2 hour + wait :( I sat on the plane and they said they were gonna have to sit on the runway for 45 mins because of storms :( Eventually landed at about 6pm. I headed straight for the Mears shuttle and while I was sat there waiting someone recognised me (Jayne) so I got chatting to a whole load of Brits who are all doing the same thing at Disney as me.
Disney were on hand with a warm welcome when we arrived and gave us some free food and things. The food selections were slightly odd and included crackers, porridge, noodles and Cup-a-Soup. The showed us to our apartments and it turned out that one of the girls I met at the airport was also my roommate. Her name’s Janelle and she’s from Glasgow. There was then a late night run to Walmart. I didn’t get back to my room until about 1am so I was really shattered. Jet lag has resulted in me waking up at 5am this morning. hopefully that will sort itself out soon. The upside is that I did need to get up this morning for housing meetings and stuff.
The itinerary for the next few days is pretty much all meetings/training. Can’t wait to get my Disney ID so I can head into the parks. I’ve set up wireless internet for my flatmates (which they’ll discover once they wake up lol!).

I did film some of the stuff that happened yesterday and will hopefully do some more today :D

The sun is out now though. Let Day 2 commence!