Friday, 26 April 2013

24 Hours of Disney News

So this has been a busy 24 hours of announcements for WDW. I mean, why announce one thing when you can announce loads. Here's a rundown...

Magic Kingdom is going to be open for 24 hours on May 24th. Bit of a repeat of February 29th from last year and once again I won't be there to enjoy the fun. Would I spend the full 24 hours in a Disney Park? Probably not. If money was no concern I'd probably book a room at the Contemporary or the Polynesian, be at MK for park opening and stay until after lunch, then hit the hotel for a nap and head back into the park for dinner and stay until park closing.

Star Wars Day - May the 4th Be With You. It's like a teaser for Star Wars Weekends which begins later in the month. Actually I always wondered why they didn't schedule SWW to coincide with May 4th so I think it's kinda cool that they're doing this. Plus the idea of getting to ride Star Tours with the Disney characters is amazing. It would be like re-enacting the safety video from the original.

Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade. FINALLY MK gets a new parade. It feels like Celebrate a Dream Come True has been around forever so it'll be great to have a refresh. It's not going to arrive until Spring 2014 but still...NEW PARADE!!! Now we need a new evening parade and some new fireworks and it will be sorted!

Disney Magic Refurb. The Disney Magic is getting some love and the Marvel Superheroes are going to be visiting. Speaking of Marvel Superheroes, this week the rights to Daredevil (one of my favs) passed back to Marvel opening up the possibility of a movie refresh which would be AMAZING.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend adds 10K and Glass Slipper Challenge. Obviously my athletic self is excited about this....errr...not really but I'm sure there are people that are and if I was going to do a 10K Disney would be the place I'd want to do it.

FastPass testing for MK Parades. The viewing area is apparently going to be in the centre of Town Square, which makes sense. It's the easiest place to block off without disrupting traffic flow. As for being able to get FPs for parades I'm not sure.

Other recent news includes the Monsterail, DAK's 15th Birthday, Joffrey's Coffee replacing Nescafe (sadface because I love the Nescafe Hot Chocolate), a new restaurant over in Morocco, Conewiches arriving at DTD, and Disney Springs.

New videos will be coming just as soon as I find some time to edit them together.