Wednesday, 30 May 2012


My last program ended 9 months ago and I still haven't finished unpacking. It's my way of pretending it never finished. But alas it did and what remains is a half full suitcase and a lifetime of memories.

Next week will be my first time going to Disney World as a guest in 3 years which seems completely crazy to me. More so than last year I cannot wait to see my friends again. Actually scratch that. I can't wait to see my family again.

I know some readers have been eagerly awaiting the videos from last summer and I promise they do exist so please bear with me they will be uploaded eventually.

The online gallery will be going offline at the end of June so if there are any photos you want to look at then look now. (link on the right).

Photos from my upcoming trip will most likely get posted to instagram where my username is helium7suz and also to the Facebook page.

Looks like I better start unpacking so that I can ... errrrr ... pack!

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