Wednesday, 26 January 2011

One little spark

This week I’ve had a further two vlogs in production but haven’t actually got editing on them yet. To be fair though I didn’t actually do anything I’d planned to at the weekend so I can’t really get away with saying I was doing something else that was really important instead. I did though spend a fairly hefty chunk of Sunday feeling really overwhelmed by people’s responses to my vlog. So thank you all very much.

I’m fast discovering this semester that I have to be careful about my enthusiasm levels in class. In the last week I’ve had classes on 2 of my favourite film-related topics: musicals and animation. There was a point in my musicals class when everyone did seem to be staring at me. I did refrain myself from talking about High School Musical too much and I wasn’t the one who brought that particular topic up. Work at WDW for a few months and you become a bit too familiar with Troy and the gang for normal people to comprehend. Especially when you’re my age. Moving on....

I was having a chat with a fellow vlogger earlier today about food at WDW so I thought I’d share some of my favourite places to eat in and around the World... (These aren’t in any particular order!)

1) Sanaa (Animal Kingdom Lodge, Kidani Village). It’s a range of African food and it’s completely different from anything else you’ll find at WDW.

2) Le Cellier (Canada, Epcot). The chocolate moose is incredible as is the rest of the menu.

3) Deluxe Hotel QSR. The quality of the the quick service food in the more expensive hotels has really gone up in recent years. Particular favs are Captain Cook’s (Polynesian), and the ones at the Contemporary and Saratoga Springs.

4) Earl of Sandwich (Downtown Disney). Think Subway but a gazillion times better. The sandwiches here are amazing.

5) Santa Fe (next to Vista Way). This only opened last summer but the food is pretty good, cheap, and the portions are big enough that you can make several meals out of it.

6) Perkins (Crossroads). Everyone should try a pie from Perkins.

7) IHOP (near Crossroads). It’s IHOP!!!! They’re famous for their pancakes but the other food is good too. Last year they were doing these special flavoured lemonades that were fantastic.

8) Boston Town Tavern (Celebration). This place has great food and a great atmosphere and not many tourists know about it.

9) The Melting Pot. I have no idea where exactly this is (a quick google will tell you). It’s a fondue restaurant and is absolutely incredible. It also has a price tag to match though.

10) I’ve been trying to decide which character meal to put in this slot. Almost all of the buffets serve really similar types of food so it really just depends on which characters you want to meet.

Ok so I’ve now just made myself feel really hungry. There are so many different places to eat and I haven’t even come close to visiting them all. Some of the more recent offerings look pretty exciting so hopefully I’ll get a chance to try some more places this summer! Who wants to join me?

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