Friday, 14 January 2011

She treats me like sashimi left over from last week.

Ok so it hasn’t been a week, it’s been 3 days but I did eat sushi this week, my friend sent me a pic of an Ariel bear she made and that is quite possibly my favourite quote from a Disney song EVER. I just find it hilarious every time I hear it.

If I haven’t mentioned enough already The Little Mermaid is my favourite Disney movie. A few years ago I was at the premiere for Enchanted and while my sister was having a meltdown at being 3ft away from Dr McDreamy I was jumping up and down because I’d seen Alan Menken. As a kid I used to sing “Under the Sea” complete with Jamaican accent so really I guess I was singing “Under da Sea” but whatever.

The last week has been full of essays, deadlines, dissertation stuff and an exam. I did manage to squeeze in a West End show as well although the dissertation was partly to blame for that one. My writing technique mostly consists of staring at my computer screen, writing a sentence and then going on various Disney related pages etc. I think I might have to revise this a little because today as I went to write Dickens I started writing Disney (and I did it again writing this sentence). Luckily for me it was quite possibly the first and last time I will write Dickens in an essay (didn’t do it that time - phew!)

So in the time i spent procrastinating I discovered several things:

Firstly, the Magic Kingdom is closing early on Tuesday for a press conference. Most likely something to do with the Fantasyland expansion a.k.a. FLE

Secondly, that there’s a Disney meet up happening in Birmingham (the UK one, not the Alabama one). Last year someone organised one in London but I was working that day which unfortunately involved me being confined to my halls complex over the weekend. This time I’m free the day of the meet up - yay! The downside is that it’s in Birmingham. I’ve got nothing against the place, it’s got a lovely theatre and is close to Cadbury World. The problem is that getting there is an absolute nightmare. To go by train I’d need to travel into London (1 1/2 hours) then travel across London (allow 1 hour) then get the train up to Birmingham (2 hours+). That’s fine in itself I spend 3 hours a day travelling for uni. The main issue is that to be up there by lunch National Rail says that I have to leave home the previous night and then i wouldn’t get back home until well into the following day. Solution = car.
I recently did a mini road trip with two friends to Birmingham. It was a blast except for when I was driving IN Birmingham. I generally don’t do too well with city driving. I LOVE open road driving though. It’s so relaxing. I suspect one of two things will end up happening. Either I’ll completely psych myself out of going or there’ll be an incredible vlog made as a result.

Speaking of which....

I’m hoping (don’t hold me to it though) to finally make another vlog this weekend. Life at home has calmed down considerably now and I am work-free until Tuesday so signs for a new vlog are good. As i’ve said in several of the vlogs if there’s anything you want me to do (within reason) or questions you want me to answer etc then please let me know.

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