Monday, 5 April 2010

The Adventure Begins....

Well, actually the adventure began back in August last year when I submitted my application for Disney’s International College Program, Summer 2010 via Yummy Jobs, a UK-based company that handles the application process on behalf of Disney.

So a quick summary of the journey from then to now....

In about September/October time I got invited for a phone interview with one of the members of the Yummy Jobs team where they ask you a bunch of questions ranging from “Why do you want to work for Disney?” to “How do you think you’ll cope with the Florida heat?”.

Then I got invited to an actual interview at the end of November that involved the International version of the standard College Program presentation, along with a quiz, and then interviews in pairs.

In December I heard that I got accepted for a Merchandise role, although there was been a slight mix up with the start date. Initially I was given a start date in May which would have clashed with my summer exam but they quickly changed it to the end of June.

I knew that I would only have one exam in the summer and that it would likely happen in May so, unlike most ICPers I didn’t book any flights and instead waited for my exam timetable to be published the end of March :(

Fast forward to March and sure enough my exam is scheduled for May so I make a quick call to Yummy Jobs and they push my departure date forward to June 1st. Cue screams down the phone as I make another ICPer very happy by freeing up a spot on the later start date, enabling her to go.

Of course, Disney had been super organised, sending me my Visa documents and stuff early, so it all had to be shipped back to the US and now I’m waiting for them to arrive so that i can sort all of that stuff out.

In the meantime, my flights are now booked -YAY! So I’m now allowing myself to get excited for what could well be the best summer EVER. I shall be blogging and vlogging over the course of the next 6 months so keep following!

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