Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Plymouth, Visas, vlogs

I don't post anything for a few days and I feel bad. So here's a multitude of things to keep everyone entertained until i get my act together.

Last weekend I went with the family down to Plymouth to drop my sister back at uni. It's way bigger than I thought. Saw various places and things including a hotel my dog stayed at called the Crooked Inn (sounds like some spooky location from Jonathan Creek).

Tuesday I had my visa interview at the US embassy in London. You're not allowed any cuts or blisters on your fingers because of the scans so I was completely paranoid about getting a paper cut at work on Monday. Everything seemed to go fine though and I met a bunch of cool girls who are all doing the Disney International College Program as well. All in all a good day.

There was also a Disney-related surprise during my trip to the Embassy. For more details WATCH THE VLOG!!!!

WDW is getting ever closer. Only 40 days left until my plane takes off.

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  1. Hey it's Jayne! thanks for the mention :) You know about my visa troubles now though haha, have another appointment May 10th, fingers crossed :) x