Sunday, 25 April 2010

Heigh Ho...Heigh Ho...

So no sooner do I make a vlog about going to the embassy to get my visa but it arrives on my doorstep. Well it would have done if I had a doorstep. it actually arrived at the security desk but that doesn’t sound nearly as cool. Only one major thing left to do and I can’t do that until I get an email from Disney - yay!
In the meantime I’ve got a week of work ahead...well now it is only 3 days of work ahead but it was a week. I’m now 1 essay down with 2 to go. By Thursday morning I’ll be able to least until my exam on the 11th. Could be worse :P
Once again I managed to sneak a Disney reference into my essay and if that wasn’t enough I also managed to write a massive chunk of it on King’s Cross station and the Hogwart’s Express. I don’t know what’s got into me right now. It must have been Jasmine asking for a tour of Hogwarts!
Thursday is going to be a day of coolness by which i mean I’ll be hanging out with my friend Vix all day. Quite literally. If everything goes to plan we’ll be hanging out for a full 15 hours. Who knows maybe I’ll film some stuff too!

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