Thursday, 15 April 2010


Today’s blog is not about the Epcot park in Walt Disney World. Why the title then? Because many things that were created by both Walt and the Disney company were designed with edutainment in mind. So I thought I’d reflect on the ways Disney has helped benefit my education.

Firstly, Disney taught me how to draw. Quite literally. They sat me down with paper and pen and taught me how to draw. Perhaps I will one day use my vlog to demonstrate my amazing ability to draw Donald and Goofy without much thought. (The other characters usually require a little more work on my part).

Next up - customer service. It drives me up the wall seeing customers treated badly. Especially when I’ve seen the level to which customers can be treated.

Films - Disney helped instil me with the love of films that eventually led me to studying film at university (admitted via a rather long winded route).

Essays - I am now the proud author of, at last count, 4 essays directly related to Disney. On what? you may ask. Well....there was the one about Mathematics and Donald in MathMagic Land, one about a photo of Walt, one on architecture, city planning and park design, and finally one on the early Alice shorts and Oswald the Lucky rabbit cartoons. Don’t even get me started on the number of times I’ve used the term “Mickey-mousing”.

Learning - I love learning stuff. It is one of those amazing things about human beings - their capacity to learn. There are so many educational tools around us. I still remember my Dad buying our first PC at a time when no-one had access to the internet. It’s just incredible to see how far things have come in the last century.

I’ve recorded another vlog and have one in the pipeline as well. Don’t forget to let me know if there’s anything you want me to do/talk about in one!

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