Thursday, 8 April 2010

Now I know how Ariel felt

So over the weekend I had a cold which was generally not a big deal - just any old regular cold. Yesterday it developed into more of a chesty cough and I so I sat through the whole of Oliver, coughing, and probably annoying the rest of the audience. Today was much of the same thing except I was at work answering the phone all day. When I returned home I felt exhausted for no apparent reason so had a nap before I did block checks as part of my job as a Senior Student/RA* in the halls/dorms* (* = delete as appropriate). When I woke up I had lost my voice, although on the upside the cough is slightly better in a less frequent sort of way. My friend Mathini, a 4th year medical student, has banned me from talking which is kind of annoying because I had planned to record my tour of London tomorrow so they may be a slight delay with that one. Cue sad faces everywhere...

...Luckily (or perhaps unluckily depending on how much you enjoyed my first vlog) I had some footage that I’d recorded at home (in a typical Blue Peteresque “here’s one I made earlier” fashion) so I’ve created a somewhat epic 2-part vlog #2 (mostly because my computer and I are a bit tired and we don’t feel like cutting the footage down).

Everyone’s comments about the vlog have been really great so far. One of the highlights was my mum saying it was nice to see my face. Sweet...if I hadn’t seen her about 12 hours earlier - bless! Keep the comments coming, keep subscribing and keep asking questions. A couple have already emerged so as soon as I get my voice back I shall try to answer them.

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