Tuesday, 13 April 2010


I love the number 7. Yes it’s a little predictable but hey, even Snow White knew there was something special about it.
There is now exactly 7 weeks until I’m on my way to Orlando. Excited much? Well...maybe a little! ;P
I hope the vlogs are providing everyone with a little entertainment as they wait for their arrival date to come by. I have been asked to provide a tour of Hogwarts which would seem to be a little difficult (at least until I’m in Orlando and the new Harry Potter themed area of Islands of Adventure opens) but hey, I’ll see what I can come up with!
In the meantime if you have any other (hopefully slightly easier) suggestions as to things you’d like to see in the vlogs (particular sights in London, different topics, etc) then let me know.

And now it’s back to the blog.....

So in keeping with the theme of the number 7 I thought I’d do 7 lists of 7 things that are related to the program.

7 things I’m looking forward to doing this summer
        -Meeting new people
        -Living in WDW for nearly 3 months
        -Making the magic happen
        -Eating Dole Whip
        -Eating decent Buffalo Wings
        -CP specific activities
        -Meeting relatives I didn’t know about until 7 months ago

7 favourite Disney films
        -The Little Mermaid
        -Beauty and the Beast
        -The Reluctant Dragon
        -Mary Poppins
        -The Happiest Millionaire
        -The Princess and the Frog

7 favourite restaurants at WDW
        -Teppan Edo
        -Chef Mickey’s
        -The Brown Derby
        -Coral Reef
        -Sci-Fi Dine-In

7 things I’ll miss
        -The Apprentice UK
        -The theatre
        -Commercial free television

7 things I won’t miss
        -Britain’s Got Talent
        -Everything being expensive
        -The 8 hour time difference with LA
        -No airconditioning

7 things I have to do before leaving
        -Get my visa
        -Write 3 3000 word essays
        -Sit my exam
        -Move out of halls
        -Freeze my bills
        -Make more vlogs

7 things I need/want to do on arrival day
-Get to the Disney Apartment complex
        -Move in
        -Meet people
        -Have dinner (preferably in a large group)
        -Get groceries

Ta da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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