Friday, 1 April 2011

An Apple a day keeps thieves away

I just came across this story online and thought I'd share it on here as it combines my love of technology with my love of all things Disney (and it shows Disney Cast members going Above and Beyond). To read the full story click here otherwise read on for my summary.

Dave Longstreth and his family were staying at the Wilderness Lodge Resort. For those unfamiliar with WL it's located on Bay Lake and from there you can catch a boat to the Magic Kingdom. Dave and family were playing in the hotel pool and had left some stuff in a bag underneath their sunbed. When they returned their stuff had gone (including iphones, camera, credit cards, wallet, etc). Dave ran to the hotel desk who gave him a new room key and he dashed to his laptop to login to Apple's Mobile Me service which has a 'find my iphone' feature. Within moments he had GPS tracked his phone to the hotel's boat dock. He ran to the boat dock, updating his wife on the way, and noticed 5 people waiting for the boat to MK. He identified one as the likely thief and, with the help of some CMs, managed to delay the boat briefly while MK security were contacted. Once the boat left the dock, one of the CMs downloaded the find my iphone app to his own iphone and GPS confirmed that Dave's iphone was on the boat. They set off on a speed boat to MK and identified the man to security who began to detain and search him. meanwhile Dave locks his phone, sends an alert to it and sets off the phone's alarm. He identified the missing items to security who found them in the bag and the thief was arrested and charged.

1) How awesome is technology that you can actually do that now? He could have also remotely wiped the iphone of all the information as well, which is a particularly handy tool if you have any private info on your phone.

2) You have to hand it to the CMs, they did an awesome job catching the guy. Dave's story goes on to say that the family were fed, watered and given a load of Disney merch!

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