Tuesday, 12 April 2011

United We Stand, Divided We Fall..

Today was a bit of an ICP-themed day. I had a bit of a catch-up with one of my fellow cast members from last Summer - Victoria (as seen in episode 23) and finally sorted out my flights and insurance. In case anyone is interested I will be flying with United Airlines who have become something of an airline of choice for me via Washington Dulles. These are the exact same outgoing flights that I had last summer except that the day before isn't going to be Memorial Day. Here's hoping that I won't miss my connecting flight this time! Although, if I do I'll hopefully be on the next flight which should get me to Orlando at about the same time as the BA flight that a lot of people are on :D Otherwise I'll be in Orlando by 2:30pm all ready for a trip to Walmart to get my bedding.

Insurance-wise I went against my better judgement and chose STA's policy. Hopefully there won't be any problems otherwise I will be kicking myself.

Pretty much all sorted and I've still got over 2 months to go :(

(Please note that I have no significant associations with either of the aforementioned companies and everything I've said is my own opinion.)

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