Friday, 18 February 2011

Just a Dream Away

Last night I was busy waiting for the new episode to upload and came across a site called Yesterland
Yesterland mainly focuses on Disneyland and the attractions, shops, parades, etc that are now in the archives of human memory. While most of the site is dedicated to Disneyland itself there are also some nice bits specifically about WDW.

There are some really great things in there including:

- Nominating the old Skyway stations as locations for beer terraces.
- A great quote about CMs using the Epcot Icon Tower as directions to the toilets.
-Photos of 'The World According to Goofy'

It's definitely worth a read. There are some great photos in there of the DL and WDW of the past and it's great to see how things have evolved.

Go check it out!

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