Thursday, 10 February 2011


Anyone who has been following me on twitter could tell you that this week I've been ill, which sucks. So I've spent much of the week in bed, taking painkillers every 4 hours :( The upside is that Lovefilm finally sent me a copy of Epic Mickey so at least I've had something to keep me occupied during the brief moments when I've been feeling slightly better.

For those that don't already know, Epic Mickey is a videogame where you play the role of Mickey as he is dragged into a painting (that looks suspiciously like the Magic Kingdom) by a giant blob. Your weapons are a paintbrush, paint and thinner and the aim is to escape while collecting e-tickets, pins, completing quests, saving the day, etc.

One of the really great things about the game is that it makes reference to all things Disney. If you've visited Toontown or Mickey's Toontown Fair then you'll recognise Mickey and Minnie's houses. Clarabelle and Horace (from the classic Mickey Cartoons) are there, the Dumbo ride, Mad Hatters Tea Cup and so much more. Also a lot of the videos that are used to play out/explain parts of the story are animated in a 2D comic book style which looks pretty cool. If I say anymore I'll spoil it but if you're a fan of all things Disney it's definitely worth checking out.

Yesterday, I somehow managed to pull myself out of bed (although I did regret it by early afternoon) for my first day working as a student ambassador. This basically involves me representing my uni and helping out at open days by showing applicants around, answering questions, etc. For the first two hours I was posted on directions duty which meant I spent 2 hours Disney pointing. I think it pretty much becomes built in after a week of working for the mouse! I also got to use some crowd control skills that I indirectly learned from the mouse. It seems like Mickey helps me out on pretty much a daily basis!

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