Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Are you a Disney World Fanatic?

Saw this on Bethan's blog (click here) and promptly decided to do it myself!

1. You find yourself humming songs like “It’s a Small World,” “A Pirate’s Life for Me,” and “It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” to yourself.

Not very often.

2. Friends and family say, “What, you’re going back to Disney World AGAIN? Don’t you ever take vacations anywhere else?”


3. You often speak in Disney code. “I’m debating on getting the DDP this time and whether we want to stay at AKL or the Poly. I’m pretty sure we’ll go to MK on the first day to take advantage of the EMH.”

True, my code includes CM lingo as well tho.

4. You have dreams about being in Disney World.

True. Although not as many as you might think.

5. You’re seriously thinking about moving to Orlando.

Yes. I'm allowed to move there for 3 months at a time. No plans to move there for longer than that tho.

6. … and you’ve thought about getting a job at Disney World.

Done and done again.

7. You’re thinking about decorating your kitchen in a 1950′s theme, a la “50′s Prime Time Cafe.”

Umm No.

8. Heck, you’re dreaming up ways to give your whole house a Disney inspired theme.


9. You’re also wondering how Mickey Mouse topiaries would look in the backyard.

They're cool but again...no

10. At least one of your children is named after a character from a Disney movie.

N/A and it wouldn't be deliberate if I did.

11. You wear your Disney shirts as much as possible.

I do but they're part of my wardrobe.

12. You spend your days lurking on Disney World forums and daydreaming about your next Disney vacation.


13. You bought into the Disney Vacation Club.

True. Members since 1995.

14. You keep buying new Disney World tour guide books.

Used to. Now not so much.

15. You constantly listen to Disney music.

No. Although I go through phases with music. Last Disney music on repeat was TLM Broadway soundtrack.

16. You spend hours planning your Disney World trips so that you can hit all your favorite attractions without ever waiting in line.

No. You gotta go with the flow (Fantasmic is the exception)

17. You stay in shape… so you won’t have aching feet when you do all that walking in Disney World.

No. It's all about the comfy shoes. makes the world of difference.

18. You got married in Disney World.

N/A and probably wouldn't

19. You have to go to Disney World AT LEAST once a year.

True. Sometimes twice. Very rarely Disneyland gets thrown in too.

20. But even that’s not good enough any more… you have to get your Disney fix at lease TWICE a year.

Only when lucky and with no uni obligations. I did live there for 3 months tho so I'm sure that counts as going more than twice.

21. You watch videos featuring Disney World attractions on YouTube.

True. Mostly ones I haven't been on at all or are now extinct.

22. You’ve pretty much stayed at all the resorts and can give an expert opinion on the merits and drawbacks of each one.

Do you KNOW how many Disney resorts there are?? I've stayed in a fair few though ... Grand Floridian, Contemporary, Wilderness Lodge, Villas at Wilderness Lodge, Old Key West, Saratoga Springs, All Star Music and Movies, Villas at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Vero Beach, Grand Californian, Hotel New York, Sequoia Lodge

23. Cast members recognize you on sight and know you by name.

Depends on the area but yes.

24. You’re actually thinking about writing your own Disney World travel guide.

I did start one once. I might restart once uni is over.

25. You get insanely jealous whenever friends go to Disney World without you.


26. You spent your honeymoon at Disney World.

Possibly. My parent's did though so I'm sure that counts for something.

27. You don’t see the point of traveling around the world, since you can experience the best of all the countries at Epcot Pavilions without all the hassle.

No. The world is a beautiful place that cannot be replicated. I do love the Epcot Pavilions though.

28. You know where all the hidden Mickeys are.

I know a few and I have a book that tells me the rest.

29. You see hidden Mickeys outside of Disney World, too!

Do you know how often 3 circles are put together like that? They're everywhere!

30. You have a blog or a website dedicated to Disney World.

Not just Disney World but yes.

Go on...you know you want to answer these questions too!


  1. Yay, you did it! I'm intrigued to know what people's scores are in the group :D

  2. Some of the questions were slightly odd lol. Seeing everyone's different answers would be interesting.