Monday, 7 February 2011

When You Wish Upon A Star

So today was a good day for many reasons, pretty much none of which involved any input from me. But to all my friends that had good days here's a congratulatory shout out. You know who you are!

So as I mentioned last time I recently got around t putting a load of photos on my computer. I've just started testing a new piece of blogging software so I'm going to use this as an opportunity to post some of my photos from over the summer. Come on technology, don't let me down!

So this was me on my very first night in Florida, on the way back from Walmart. The bus was jam packed and I vaguely remember being perched on the end of a seat holding on for dear life.

This is why the Custodial team at WDW rocks.

So this was me taking a photo of someone glowing. I'd been given my role but hadn't started work yet. No idea who the cast member is. I'd like to think my cart was much cooler than that one.

Another cool glow pic!

Me with one of my awesome roommates - Angie.

They ran out of "I'm Celebrating" pins. Loads of people wished me Happy Birthday though

I had waited years to be able to go to Star Wars Weekends. It was awesome.

Tigger, me and Pooh.

I LOVE this pic of me with Chip and Dale.

I'd like to say I was drunk, but I think I was just having a lot of fun with Goofy and Angie.

John cooking his first meal ever! Those fajitas were gooooood.

One of Florida's many residents in his last few hours on Earth. We'll miss you Sid.

Go go Power Rangers!

Group Photo!

Graduation with Mickey and Minnie.

The amazing Becky and Victoria. We all met separately and then found out we knew each other!

Cinderella's Castle looking all pretty at night.

Ummmm not entirely sure what Lindsay's doing here but we're at the Polynesian

Best Ride Photo EVER

Group Photo!

Another Florida resident. As far as I know he's still there.

My current screensaver

Customised pin!

This has been my favourite thing to spot since I was very small.

Mickey's moving house soon so I snuck into his house while I still knew where it was.

I would like to be one of these fish!


Fantasmic! on my last night at Disney :'(

That was unexpectedly photo-heavy. Unfortunately I don't personally have any photos of me in my costume at my work location :( I believe other people did take some though so they're probably on facebook somewhere if anyone REALLY wants to see them.

If I manage to take any pics of the ICP meet-up (which is now less than 2 weeks away) I shall try to post them on here.

That's all from me for today. Keep vlogging and blogging everyone!

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