Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Magic, the Memories and You

Disney seems to be kicking all the promo material for this year's theme up a gear at the moment and videos seem to be being added to their DisneyParks youtube account on a near daily basis. I am really loving their videos at the moment though.

They released two videos today. One about the Disney Cruise Line and another about Star Wars Weekends. The DCL one is in the style of a classic Goofy Cartoon. you know, the ones where he shows you how to do something by doing it in completely the wrong way.

The Star Wars Weekends one has Minnie recreating a classic movie moment from Star Wars: A New Hope, along with everyone's second favourite droid R2-MK.

I don't know who the team(s) is/are behind these videos but some of them are really good. They seem to be embracing a tongue-in-cheek quality which is nice.

Question Time

So a couple more questions have come up on the various forums and facebook groups so here they are along with my answers.

Do I need to book a Mears Shuttle to take me from the airport to check in at Vista Way?
No, you don't need to book one. Mears has several desks In Orlando International Airport near Baggage Reclaim and you can just turn up on arrival. With a discount voucher the trip costs about $14 and you can pay by card or cash. Some people think about getting a taxi which is more expensive and splitting it between 3 or 4 of you. I wouldn't recommend this. US taxis can be quite small in terms of baggage space so it could get quite cramped in there. The Mears shuttles are fairly comfortable (last year we were in a coach) and have a huge amount of baggage space. The desk is really easy to find. You just look for the signs and it is located next to Disney's Magical Express. The buses are located a few seconds away from the desk so there's no worries about carting your bags all around the terminal.

I've been offered a role in .... what's it all about?
Disney World has so many roles on offer that it would take me ages to explain them all. Here's a brief overview of the three most popular ones:
Attractions: You get to work on the rides and/or shows.
Merchandise: You're working in the shops, serving guests, restocking that sort of thing.
Quick Service: This is what is known to most people as Fast Food. You could be bussing tables, constructing meals/ice creams/etc or you could be working in outdoor foods selling bottles of drink/ice creams/etc.

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