Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Turning that Frown Upside Down

So I'll be honest, part of me was on a slight downer about going back to Disney. I know you're probably all thinking WHAAAAAT!?!?!

It wasn't the going back to Disney that had me down. More, the fact that some of the incredibly awesome, magical people that made last summer so amazing weren't going back with me. Some didn't get in and some didn't apply and some are still out there right now (you know who you are). So tonight, while I was busy being a good mouse and playing Epic Mickey using lots of paint some of the super amazing people found out the results of their Summer Alumni applications (This is for former CPs to go back and work for the summer, live in housing like before etc) AND these super awesome people got in AND they got in to do attractions. This news has completely made my day and now I'm bouncing around the room like Tigger. I am in such a good mood right now :D

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