Wednesday, 23 February 2011


MM stands for many things, such as Mickey Mouse, Magical Milestones and 2000.

That's right my vlog series, Suzie's Disney Adventure, has now had over 2000 views. It may still be a little fish in the big pond that is YouTube but it's 2000 more views than I thought I'd get when I started making them last year. One of the ultimate compliments was hearing people singing the theme tune at me in the middle of Birmingham during the ICP meet up last weekend. Once again I was asked if it's me singing and the answer is yes, although I did change it so it sounded high pitched. It's also me playing the guitar. So now you know!

Today saw 2 things of interest happening in the Magic Kingdom. First, Mickey's new home was officially announced complete with artists renderings of the adapted Exposition Hall. Rumours are also abound as to whether Mickey will converse with guests like he does in Disneyland. It was also announced that Mickey's meet and greet will feature Fastpass which will, I'm sure, please many a guest that is used to waiting in a long line to get to meet the big cheese.

The other development was over at the Haunted Mansion. If you've been on the attraction then you're probably familiar with the Hitchhiking Ghosts at the end of the ride. The ghosts and the mirrors have apparently been covered over with black and their images are being projected onto the cloth so that they're floating home with you. Rumour has it that this is temporary while more exciting changes are happening with the ghosts.
The awesome peeps at Inside The Magic have filmed the altered ending so here's the video:

Question Time!

Do I need to do anything about getting a visa and how much will it cost me?
Panic not fellow ICPs you don't need to do anything visa-related until the nice people at Yummy Jobs send you the relevant documentation. If you're still worried, don't be. The current typical wait time for a visa appointment is 3 days and the current typical processing time is 4 working days (3 in Belfast) so theoretically you don't need to worry until about 2 weeks before your departure date.
As for cost the first one is calling to arrange your interview. Calls are charged at £1.23/min so expect a reasonably pricey call. DON'T call from a mobile because it will be even more expensive!
Cost #2 is the appointment fee (also known as the MRV fee. This is currently $140 and is paid over the phone when you make the appointment to go to the embassy. They only accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex so be prepared for that.
#3 is the Sevis fee which I believe is currently set at about $35. You pay this online prior to your interview.
#4 is the courier fee. When you apply for a visa you hand your passport over to the embassy and it can only be returned to you via courier. They currently say that fees begin at £14.50 and are payable by debit or credit card only. They have various delivery options and the more specific you are the more expensive it is. Last year I went for the basic service and had my passport back within 2 days of leaving the embassy (just so you know). For any more visa specific info either visit the US Embassy Website or contact Yummy Jobs (although check the information documents they provide first!).

Do the apartments have WiFi and how much does it cost?
The apartments themselves have a wired internet connection. Use is included in the rent (unless you want to upgrade the speed) but you will need to take your own ethernet cable with you. If you want WiFi in the apartment then you'll need to get a wireless router (which you can buy from Walmart). Some of the complexes have WiFi in the pool/clubhouse areas. I know Vista Way definitely does but I'm not sure about the others. I highly recommend that you take your own laptop with you (if you have one) because it is not always convenient to use the computer labs due to working late/long shifts.


  1. Suzie's Disney Adveeeeeeeentuuuuuure....

  2. Lol its funny that you mentioned this cos I have had your little song bit stuck in my head all day. Make it stoooop! :P x