Saturday, 19 February 2011

Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it!

Sometimes people's support is overwhelming. I've been lucky enough to experience this with my blogging and vlogging and am grateful to all 50 subscribers and for all the lovely comments. I'm getting ever closer to the 2000 view mark and SDA's 1st anniversary which is quite exciting.

Actually, today has been full of excitement because it was the day of the ICP meet up in Birmingham. I spent over 5 hours driving but it was worth it to meet 20 of the lovely people that I get to work with this summer.

Birmingham is very disorientating and I did have trouble finding my way back to the car afterwards - oops! For those that are interested we gathered at the station (thankfully the distinctive ICP hoodies made everyone fairly easy to spot) before heading to watch Tangled in 3D.Apart from some initial projection issues during the trailers most people seemed to enjoy the film and then we headed briefly to the Disney Store before gaining more people and heading to Nandos for some food. Cue some table shuffling to make sure we all could sit together. After that it was a short walk to Wetherspoons and then back to the station via Starbucks.

Meeting everyone was a lot of fun and I got to see a little more of Birmingham than I had before and, for the most part, with the added benefit of not getting lost.

Unfortunately there was a distinct lack of vlogging though with the exception of a few snippets of me in the car beforehand. Suziefail!

I am now completely exhausted and am ready for bed. So with that I shall bid you all adieu!

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