Friday, 27 May 2011

Are you 23? - Round 2

Ok, ok, so I've used that title before but I promise never to do it again and I have a really good reason for reusing the title.


My paper chain is looking significantly shorter than it did when I first made it but back then there was well over 40 days left to wait.

So this week has comprised mostly of three things:

1) Car boot sales. Well actually this seems to happen most weeks because Student Ambassador work opportunities seem to be few and far between at the moment and most involve being in London for about an hour which means I'd spend more to get there then I'd get paid. So my solution has been to sell stuff that it's taken me a while to realise I don't need. Yay for getting rid of unnecessary clutter and yay for getting a little extra money for Florida!

2) Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Thanks to a decision I made a few months back to join Odeon's Premiere Club I was able to go and see the film for free with my parents (Yay for pre-Disney family bonding!). Add to that it was Orange Wednesdays and the three of us went to the cinema and had an awesome meal at Pizza Express for the grand total of £14. Not bad when an adult ticket alone would have cost £6.20. I loved the film. It was fun like the original and there were all sorts of people in it. I think Judi Dench might be trying to beat her record for shortest Oscar Winning Performance and Penelope Cruz is sooooo much better as the lead female than Kiera Knightley ever was. (This comment is in no way biased due to the fact that she has a photo of me from the 2007 Golden Globes). If you haven't seen the film yet you and liked the first one then GO! Also it's worth your while waiting until the last credit rolls....savvy?

3) Playing with iPhoto. I've had my MacBook Pro for nearly 2 months and this feels like the first opportunity I've had to really play around with the updated version of iPhoto. I made a lovely book of all the photos from last summer which I fully intend to get printed once I'm back from Florida, along with one for this summer, of course. I also started messing around with slideshows, the results of which can be seen in Episode 36 of the vlog and then I started messing around with the image settings and discovered I love over exposed photographs with heightened contrast. So for your viewing pleasure...

Unfortunately doing so has made me want a better camera than the one I own. Right now I'm using a Finepix Z35 which is fine but the photos were so much better with my old Sony camera that broke so depending on how much money I earn/spend this summer I may be tempted to buy a slightly better one. But then I also want an iPad....and an iPhone 5 (when it's released)...and I think I need to stop looking at technology things!

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