Friday, 13 May 2011

Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas!

After another slight detour away from my tour of WDW I'm back on course once again, this time heading off to the monorail.

The monorail is an iconic form of transportation that has deep associations with Disney ever since they opened one at Disneyland in 1959.

There are effectively 3 different tracks of the monorail that guests can experience. The first is the Express Monorail that goes from the TTC (Transportation and Ticket Center) to the Magic Kingdom and back again in one big loop that goes round the Seven Seas Lagoon anti-clockwise.

Track #2 is the Resort Monorail. This is just like the Express Monorail except it travels round the loop the opposite way and stops at 3 different resorts in addition to the TTC and the Magic Kingdom as follows: TTC-Polynesian-Grand Floridian-Magic Kingdom-Contemporary-TTC.

Finally we have the Epcot track which travels between the TTC and Epcot.

Now I have bit of a soft spot for this track. Why? Well as I'm sure you know last summer I spent a lot of time "glowing" in Epcot so I usually wouldn't start until 4:30pm. To make the most of the day I'd head over to the Magic Kingdom for some pre-work fun just to get me in the magical mood.

After hitting some rides I'd then jump on the monorail to get to Epcot in time for work. That's right I took the monorail to work! How cool is that! The really awesome thing about it is that was what the monorail was originally designed to do in Progress City - Disney's Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

That's the kind of thing that makes my day magical!

If you want to see some more of the fantastic monorail then check out Episode 19 of my vlog which interestingly has the same title as this blog post, except it's in English!

Next time: There be trouble ahead!

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