Saturday, 7 May 2011

Back to the Future World

I should really stop saying that I'm going to do things because inevitably something will get in the way. Remember way back when I said I was going to do a tour of WDW? I did one post on World Showcase then started talking about other things! So I'm going to finally continue the tour with Future World in Epcot...

Future World is a place of two halves: East and West, Technology and Creativity. For those that haven't been it's made up of 6 main pavillions and a central hub. Starting from the entrance and working clockwise there's:

- Universe of Energy
- Mission: SPACE
- Test Track
- Journey into your Imagination
- The Land
- The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Before I talk about those though let's start with the central area because as a guest that's really the first thing you'll see in Epcot (unless you enter through the International Gateway).

Ok, so chances are when you enter Epcot you won't see Goofy on a surfboard, that was part of the 2008 Flower and Garden Festival, but whatever the time of year you'll get to see that big golf ball or rather the geodesic sphere commonly known as Spaceship Earth.

It's a lovely slow-moving omnimover ride all about the history (and future) of communication. Personally, I always like trying to spot the Hidden Mickeys on the ride cos there are loads to be found.

After you've finished travelling through time and space there's a bit of a games area with a futuristic theme. I'm ashamed to say that I've never really spent much time in there but that's because there are typically lots of people around and I always want to move onto one of the other pavillions.

The other attraction locale within the central section is Innoventions. It's divided into east and west, just like the rest of Future World, which typically means that I can never remember which bit is in which section. One of the recent additions is The Sum of All Thrills which lets you design your own rollercoaster and then ride it in a KUKA arm simulator. This is the same technology that was more recently featured in Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey over at Islands of Adventure, and can also be seen over at the Seas with Nemo.

You can also ride a Segway, see the latest in-home technology and save a house from burning down.

Well now that I've already mentioned The Seas with Nemo and Friends (ridiculously long name) I'll head there next...

This is one of my favourite places in FW. Why? Well it features the ridiculously annoying yet highly addictive "In the Big Blue World" song which is Epcot's answer to It's a Small World, it has a great seafood restaurant (Coral Reef) and you can watch the little fishies swim for hours on end. Cue pics of sea creatures...

Looks like I found Nemo and Dory! Crush loves hanging out in The Seas and you can go chat to him. He's like the Turtle version of Jay Leno, except, you know, funny.

From The Seas you head to the Land, the main attraction of which is somewhat bizarrely all about flying - Soarin'. Now personally I always think Soarin' is a touch overrated. It typically has a 2-3 hour line and while it's good it's not THAT good. Get there first thing and get a fastpass, end of. The cafe is quite nice and there's a restaurant that rotates. Everyone go Oooooooh!

Obviously, The Land is not my favourite place to hang out and yes I am the geeky one that likes going on the Living with the Land boat ride to look at all the fruit and veg. Two words: giant lemons!

As a kid I loved hanging out at the pavillion next door because it is the home of one of the best Disney characters of all time - FIGMENT!!!!!!!!!

Last year Captain Eo aka Michael Jackson also moved back in which is a welcome change from the snoozefest that was Honey I Shrunk the Audience. Just thinking about that attraction is making me yawn. What can I do to wake myself up?

I wonder how many people realise that they've been backstage at WDW? If you've been on Test Track then you have! My number 1 tip for Test Track is the single riders line. It's been there since the ride opened and it will greatly shorten your wait time.

I'm often asked what was my greatest achievement of last summer was....ok so not really! But if I WAS I'd answer eating a Kitchen Sink and then riding Mission: SPACE immediately afterwards.

This ride has become notorious because people often have, shall we say, a strong reaction to it. They have those airplane sick bags in the vehicles and ended up having to create two versions of the ride: Orange (spinning) and Green (no spinning). Until last summer I'd always ridden the Orange version and honestly, I barely noticed a difference between the two, so by choice I ride Orange. If things like the teacups make you feel queasy then it's probably best to stick to the green version.

The last pavilion in FW East is The Universe of Energy. It looks a little dated but it combines some incredible awesome stuff together all in one attraction: Ellen, Jeopardy, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Jamie Lee Curtis, Einstein and DINOSAURS! I rest my case....

There's one attraction that I have yet to mention that is highly visible within Future World that I have yet to mention, but that deserves a blog post all its own. So that'll be the next stop on my tour of the World.

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