Saturday, 21 May 2011

A Weekend of Vlogging

What started off as me making one vlog yesterday rapidly turned into me making 3 vlogs this weekend. Episode 33 initially started as being about 18 mins of me going off on a tangent every 30 seconds before it got cut down. As I was filming it I remembered I had some footage from The Tiki Room: Under New Management which seemed to tie in rather nicely with a recent announcement about the future of the attraction. Then I noticed the date on my computer and realised I had not done a project that I've been promising to do for a while, although as I like keeping my promises cryptic I could probably have made any old vlog and got away with it but still it was something I wanted to do and in some ways was inspired by Becca's podcasts.

Episode 35 - Goofy's How to Guide to Flying will be the first episode of Suzie's Disney Adventure that will be available for download so that you can play it on your mobile device. The original idea was to have it as a podcast so that you could listen to it on the plane (and an offshoot of that idea may still happen) but I eventually decided to keep it as a vlog episode with the download option so that you can watch it on the plane if you want to.

I've rushed to get all 3 vlogs made this weekend so that Episode 35 was available to everyone travelling on the 24th May, apologies for it not being ready in time for everyone that travelled on May 1st I blame Uni and Kate and Wills for that one!

Hopefully this new vlog will be helpful to all those that will be flying to Orlando for the first time (and those that have been before.

Click here to Download it NOW from my gallery page!

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