Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hail to the Chief

Today's post was originally going to be a visit to Master Gracey and his 998 tenants but I'm going to take a teeny tiny detour to the other side of Liberty Square to visit a lot of people with the name Mr. President in honour of one of them visiting the country today.

Call me sad, geeky, dorky, boring, whatever... I love visiting both the Hall of Presidents and the American Adventure over in Epcot. I've already spoken of my love of American Patriotism and if you're prepared to buy into it there's just an incredible feeling that you get from sitting in both the attractions. The hairs stand on your neck and you walk away feeling like anything is possible.

The Hall of Presidents and Liberty Square are both full of references to US history. There's the 13 lanterns hanging from a tree (symbolising the original 13 colonies), the Liberty Bell (cast from the same mold as the original) and the plants are all coloured red, white and blue.

Every 4-8 years the Hall of Presidents receives a little facelift (can you guess why?). Several recent presidents have made significant contributions to the attraction so if you didn't get to see President Obama while he's been in the UK this is the next best thing because it really is him talking. I actually went to see the show the day President Obama officially moved in (July 4th 2009) - Yes I AM that cool! :P With that particular addition the show received a slight overhaul with a new narration provided by Morgan Freeman - the unofficial first African-American POTUS.

Anyone remember me talking about the 4 1964 New York World's Fair attractions that Disney built? Well this is the closest you'll get to seeing Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at Walt Disney World.

On a side note my mum ran into President Obama today at Westminster Abbey. Well...not literally...that would be BAD! She was actually in the building next door but apparently everyone just stopped what they were doing to look out the window at him.

I was lucky enough to see President Clinton speak while I was at UCLA and saw John Kerry (remember him?) on the campaign trail at Washington Dulles Airport. An enthusiastic onlooker shouted "There goes the next President of the United States!" - yeah...ummm...

On a final note...

All the best to those that were scheduled to fly from Scotland yesterday. That darn volcano in Iceland struck again causing disruption for some of those arriving on May 24th. I'm sure all us ICPs had a collective response on your behalf. Personally, mine was a bit like....

and I'm sure that Goofy was looking a little like ...

Worry not though because I've sent this guy in to sort that Volcano out!

Next time: We now return to our usual programming

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