Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Welcome to our Tropical Hideaway

You lucky people you! If I wasn't writing this blog right away I'd be reading it too! Why? Because it's about Adventureland!

Now I've already talked about Pirates of the Caribbean which is one of the most popular attractions in Adventureland but there's loads more to do there.

First up is the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. I was once told by a Disney Tour Guide that if there's a queue at the treehouse then you should immediately turn yourself around and go and visit another park and if you ask me that's some good advice. I also think that everyone should go up there once just for the incredible views.

It's also a great example of attraction storytelling and some of the detail is amazing.

Next up is the Tiki Room. This attraction has been in the Orlando news since January due to a fire breaking out. Until then it featured Iago and Zazu as the new managers of the establishment (they moved in during the mid-1990s to a somewhat negative response).

It sounds like the Tiki Gods may have had something to do with the fire though because Iago and Zazu have been evicted and the Tiki Room will be reopening in June as its former glorious self.

Look out for the Tiki Birds in a future vlog.

Obviously Aladdin didn't like the idea of Iago moving into Adventureland unsupervised because around the same time a magic carpet ride moved into town. Unbelievably I can't find any pictures of either that or the Jungle Cruise on my computer. This WILL be corrected over the summer. In order to compensate I have uncovered a video on youtube of the great Skipper John who will guide you through the jungle in my stead.

I can't leave Adventureland without mentioning the amazingness that is Dole Whip. Again, I shockingly have neither photos nor video of such deliciousness but I have found a video that shows off Dole Whip in all its glory.

If that's not enough to whet your appetite then I give you ...

Next time: Master Gracey's feeling social.

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