Monday, 9 May 2011

Here we go! quick post while I'm revising for my exam tomorrow afternoon. This time tomorrow all my uni education will be over! Yay! Before too many of you feel sorry for me revising at 3:40am my revision consists mostly of rereading and watching films. Today I have watched The Blair Witch Project, Memento, The War Tapes (filmed by soldiers deployed to Iraq in 2004/5), Waxweb (an interactive online film about Bees), and Tron. Yes, that's right even my last exam will have me talking about Disney. Even better, the reading for that week's topic is half about Epcot. It would be really helpful if I'd spent 3 months working there....Oh yeah, it's also an open book exam which, for those that don't know, means I can take any written materials I like into the exam just no electronics. Schweet!

Honestly I'm kinda excited for tomorrow afternoon. Exams don't really bother me too much, in terms of stress levels at least and I can't wait for uni to be over (hence why I mention it every other post). But the real reason I'm excited for tomorrow? Because I get to be reunited with one of my fab cast members from Towers - Marie! We're meeting straight after my exam and it'll be really good to catch up.

Side note: a small highlight of my week has been finding out that an Earl of Sandwich has opened in London and now I'm craving a Full Montagu with horseradish instead of mustard.

No doubt I'll film some stuff tomorrow like I did when I had my exam last year and hopefully I'll take some photos too (not of the exam obviously, no idea why anyone would want to see the room!).

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