Wednesday, 11 May 2011

What will you Celebrate?

Yesterday was amazing. I sat on a train, watching Tron, then had my exam and wrote about Tron, Disney Parks, Audio Animatronics and some other stuff, then met up with two awesome fellow cast members - Marie and Gina, walked through London, sat in GBK (A UK Burger restaurant) for 4 hours and caught up with all things Towers. Oh yeah and uni is now over for me!

Well I still have graduation but I'm kinda ignoring that a bit because I won't have my ceremony until January because of the ICP.

I woke up today and was just lying in bed thinking "I never have to do any uni work again, I can do whatever I want during my free time." It feels so bizarre. We're now at T-minus 39 days which is less time that Noah and the animals spent in the Ark. "The animals went in two by two, Hurrah, Hurrah"

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