Thursday, 23 June 2011

Day 3: Traditions

I'm sure I've talked about Traditions before but just in case i didn't or if you haven't read it here's a quick summary...

Traditions is a class that every new cast member of the Walt Disney Company takes and becomes their first day of work. Most of it is learning about Traditions, heritage and the like, and it is where you get your Disney ID and that all important name tag.

My class wasn't until 2pm and I think I much preferred having the class at 8am because the weather was cooler and my body clock is still waking me up at 7am. Honestly, the class wasn't nearly as interesting as the first time around although there had been some slight changes to the class but for the most part it was exactly the same.

After the class a group of us all headed back to Vista, changed, then headed straight for the Magic Kingdom by which time we were starving so headed straight to Casey's with a quick detour to pick up some 1st Visit pins. This was the first time I got to try one of Casey's specialty hot dogs and went for the Barbecue one with pulled pork and slaw. Considering I don't really like Coleslaw and don't really like hot dogs it tasted pretty good. Then there was a mini rush to the Tomorrowland Dance Party where I danced for nearly an hour while I was waiting for Stitch (who was hosting) to arrive. Let me tell you, Stitch has some killer dance moves and I managed to record some video footage to prove it so expect to see that sometime in the future.

Around this time I went through a bit of separation from the rest of the group and after waiting about 30 minutes for a text message discovered that everyone was leaving the park so off I headed to the exit. As I was exiting I thought I'd give my friend Becky a call to see if she'd finished work and what do you know? She's in the Magic Kingdom on Main Street. So having exited about 30 seconds earlier I then turned around and went back in and after 4 days of waiting (excluding the previous 9 months!) finally caught up with her. What followed was some Small World, Magic Carpets and Pirates along with a crazy queue so that I could grab a drink. We rode the last pirate ship of the night which was pretty cool and visited one of Becky's roommates on Main Street. The fab trio then gave me a lift to Chatham and I caught a bus back to Vista Way and only got home at about 2:30. Looooooooooong Day but a Looooooooooooot of fun!

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