Thursday, 16 June 2011

Mouse Oddity

This morning I was reminded of one of the most bizarre things about life post-mouse. In my Disney 30 Vlog I mentioned that I had written 6 essays about Disney while I was at uni, almost all of which were by choice with me managing to relate whatever topic we were studying to the House of Mouse.

This year though, I had to read articles about Disney World as part of the set reading for my course on Film and New Media, most of which was about Epcot. It was somewhat surreal to read an academic analysis of a place that you spent 3 months working in, especially when it starts referring to the International 18 year olds that are brought over to work in the park. (Obviously causing me to protest somewhat as I would say the majority of UK CRPs are probably NOT as young as 18)

Still, the point remains that once you become part of Mickey's family you become part of an environment that will always be analysed by people from all backgrounds. For any of us leaving the world of academia, we can largely forget about it, but for those of you that will still be studying once you return from the place where dreams come true, be prepared to read such articles with entirely new eyes.

As with all things studying something is very different to actually living it!

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