Monday, 20 June 2011

Good Morning, Good Morning...

We've slept the whole night through, good morning, good morning to you!

Yesterday was super long although technically it wasn't nearly as long as last year's equivalent which must mean that I'm getting old! I was actually wide awake until about 7ish and then just as I decided to head to Walmart it really kicked in. Last year I bought a load of stuff from Walmart on the first night and struggled with it on the bus. This time I decided to just grab the "essentials" that I needed before tomorrow. So I ended up buying:

- 2 pillows
- Hot pockets
- A turkey and provolone sandwich
- Some Raspberry lemonade Crystal Light
- A Hairdryer
- Shampoo and conditioner.
- Cinnamon Pop Tarts
- A small rucksack

I forget to get towels but luckily I packed my travel towel with me so I can cope until I next go to the store. My main thing was to make sure that I had some food for breakfast and lunch for the next few days. I did forget to buy a cheap poncho which was a bit stupid, for reasons that shall quickly become apparent.

After I arrived the very first thing I did was plug in my wireless box because I hate having wires everywhere. After chatting with some new roommates I hit facebook to see who'd arrived. The annoying thing about the first few days is that no-one's really sorted out their phones so it's difficult to get hold of people. This is going to be especially tough as most of the people I know are living in Chatham at the moment. Also I seem to be on a different schedule to most of the people that I know. Again annoying because last year we all seemed to be together. Anyway...back to facebook. So I'm on there waiting for the BA/Virgin groups to arrive and Fran (who arrived on Saturday) was asking if anyone wanted to get some dinner. Success!!!! More humans!!!! So we both headed to one of the finest restaurants in America: Wendy's. It was really good to see a familar face and we had a nice long chat.  Now, when we walked to Wendy's it was bright sunshine with the odd cloud and as we sat there we could see dark clouds rolling in so decided to try to get back to Vista before it rained. We stepped out of the door and what d'ya know - it started raining! About halfway to Vista it started getting really heavy, and for those unfamiliar with Florida rain when I say heavy I'm talking about the 3 seconds and you're soaked kinda rain, so by the time I got back to my apartment I was a little....damp! Then facebook informed me that others had arrived and we all met at Chatham to go to Walmart. This year it seems that for whatever reason most of the June 19th-ers have been separated during the apartment allocation so whereas last year everyone in the flat had just arrived this year they're all already established. I'll be honest, this kinda sucks because you miss out on the bonding that happens when you're all new together. So for any future ICP-ers out there be aware that it could happen. I've not been aware of it happening on quite this scale before (because it seems to be the case for nearly everyone, especially the over 21s) but it does usually happen to the odd person so just be aware of it.

Right now though it's 6:40am and I've been up for approximately the last hour. Ah, the joys of jet lag! I'm not tired or anything though so I much prefer travelling west to travelling east when you just end up exhausted. Today's schedule is all housing meetings, welcome meetings and paperwork and apparently very little has changed from last year but I have to sit through it all again anyway.

Good news for people at home! I've got data and email and stuff on my phone so in theory you should be able to get hold of me wherever I am if you've got my details. Obviously I'm not going to post those details up here! But as usual readers/viewers can always get hold of me via youtube (, twitter ( and the facebook page ( Hopefully I'll be able to upload photos on the go so those will mostly appear on my facebook page.

That's all for the moment folks. Look out for lots of blog posts within the next few days. I'm not sure when videos will get uploaded but rest assured that I am filming them.

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