Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Last year I had maybe 1 day off between my park orientation and starting at Towers. This year I've been given 4 days off. Now, if I'd only finished uni 2 days before I arrived in Orlando that would be fine but honestly, I just want to get working now!

Today has been spent "coaching" Joanne for her run in September, chilling by the pool, sorting out housing stuff, packing and skyping. Fear not loyal followers I have no intention of leaving Orlando yet. I'm actually just moving apartments which was always on the cards since I found out that 3 of my roommates are finishing their program next week. I'm not moving far though and have 3 days to move my stuff. Hopefully it should only actually take about 30 minutes or so to move it all but it's nice that they've given me more than enough time to move. Good thing I haven't really bought anything yet!

I STILL haven't eaten at Earl of Sandwich yet but hopefully that should be resolved within the next week. If I have to I'll send the yeti out to get one for me!

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