Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Money, Money, Money, Money...Mon-ey!

Another day, another task completed. This time picking up the US currency that I had ordered yesterday. Yesterday I picked up my contact lenses and the odd toiletry. Actually I'm packing very little in the way of toiletries because to me it just adds weight to the luggage and most of the stuff is cheaper out there anyway. My two must take toiletries are deodorant (because I've yet to find a US one I like) and toothpaste. Obviously they sell toothpaste in America but I'm a bit fussy about which one I use. Basically I HATE the taste of mint so I use a particular variety of a popular brand that has quite a mild taste to it. Walgreens stocks most toiletries and it's open 24 hours so I know there won't be a problem getting anything as soon as I arrive.

So as things stand I have just 3 things left to do...

1) Pack
2) Get a haircut
3) Check-in online

Yeah so despite my intention of packing on Monday I still haven't packed anything. Most of my laundry and stuff is all done though so it's more a case of putting the stuff in my case rather than anything else.

Shockingly I haven't had a haircut in over a year so my hair is ridiculously long at the moment. An appointment is booked for Friday morning so that I won't die from excess heat next week.
Long, thick hair = Melted Suzie.
I had hoped that my hair would be long enough that if I cut it to the desired length the trimmings would be long enough to donate but I don't think it's quite there yet unless i cut my hair short and that's not going to happen. There needs to be at least 10"-12" and I think my Ponytail is about 15" long so you never know it may just be enough!

If anyone's interested in donating their hair here's the info about a charity in the UK that specialises in helping children suffering from hair loss due to cancer treatment. Little Princess Trust Fear not! Your hair won't be used as part of Wayne Rooney's hair transplant!

3 1/2.....

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