Saturday, 25 June 2011

Late Night Blogging

As mentioned before, today was park orientation at Disney's Animal Kingdom which meant getting up at 5am. There were lots of interesting things that came up during the day. For one thing I discovered that despite knowing very little about animals (at least the ones in DAK anyway) I seem to know an awful lot about the park itself and my trainer seemed quite impressed that I'd actually met Joe Rohde (the imagineer behind DAK). Until today, DAK was the only one of the four parks that I had never seen from backstage so it was interesting to see it all. No spoilers I'm afraid! But one of the transportation methods available to cast members are free bicycles which would be cool if I was actually able to ride a bike! One major difference (excluding the animals!) is that in Epcot and MK we weren't allowed to move from land to land unless we were wearing certain costumes. For example, if you're in custodial you can pretty much go anywhere you like but if you work in Norway or Fantasyland on an attraction you can only stay in your specific country or "land". In Animal Kingdom, though, we can actually walk wherever we like as long as it's safe to do so which is kinda cool.

I also FINALLY found out my work location. It's been a reveal that's literally taken all week but I now know that for the next 2 1/2 months I will be working in.....................................
Expedition Everest!

Now this seems to have caused a little, erm, shall I say controversy, because I never requested a location and apart from one or 2 really didn't mind which location I got (I think if i'd been sent to It's Tough to Be a Bug I might have been freaking out a little) but other people (specifically mr Steven Usher) requested Everest and didn't get it. No clue how that one works because I don't think I've ever spoken to Disney about that ride. I think I'd have preferred Kali River Rapids slightly over Everest because they get to wear a T-shirt which is far more me but my first impression of the Everest Costume is that I've lucked out again. I don't think it'll match my awesome flag shirt from last year though!

I also got my schedule for the next 10 days which seems fairly good. I'm off until Wednesday then have 5 days training, 2 days off and then an assessment day which takes me up to the 7th July. That means that I'm off for July 4th which is a surprise! And to think last year they wouldn't let me work any more hours on that day because I hit the limit! I also finish on the 3rd at 3pm so it looks like there could be a lot of time for watching fireworks that week!

After looking at my training schedule it seems that the earliest I'll start is around 7am and the latest is 9:15pm. I do actually have one 6:15am start but seeing as that's the assessment day and that the park doesn't open until 8am I think that might just be a one-off.

Tomorrow I have to say goodbye to an ICP which is always a sad occasion because you become close very quickly but I think I might finally be heading into Epcot so I can finally try to have a catch up with my family over at Towers. I am determined at some point to hijack the drumsticks off a glow cart during Illuminations and relive my summer as a walking, red flagged, Christmas Tree but I'm not sure that will happen tomorrow.


  1. Expidition Everest is my favorite rollercoaster in all of Disney World. When my parents came to visit me on my CP, my Dad couldn't stop talking about the queue line (he's a mountain climber).

    I worked in Fantasyland (teacups, Pooh, Snow White) on my CP last year, and love your blog. I hope you have a magical summer!

  2. Thank you! I love Expedition Everest too! My summer has already been magical and it's only been a week!