Thursday, 2 June 2011


Wednesday was such a productive day. I was up at 5am, had a mini workout, went to a car boot sale, sorted out various computer issues for people, came back home, had a nap, woke up, had a good catch up over the phone with my awesome friend Vix, had some dinner and then out of nowhere my right arm started killing. So I went up to bed to try to sleep it off but i couldn't even sleep properly because no matter how I positioned it I was still in pain. Eventually I managed to find a position where the pain was reduced but then I was scared to move! After a diagnosis from my mum (sprain!) my arm is now in a makeshift sling so that I can keep it in the most comfortable position possible. So now I'm typing this somewhat awkwardly! Ah well, hopefully it will sort itself out by the weekend. Trust it to be the right arm when I'm right-handed! My left arm is completely useless too. As my sister said earlier today I'm the opposite of ambidextrous.

At the moment the facebook groups seem to have been overloaded with people saying what apartment they're in which is a lovely reminder that I'm not in Orlando yet. Not too long to go now and at least I'll get to meet up with some friends before I leave. It's really annoying when you live in a different place to your mates.

Hopefully there'll be some new vlogs this weekend so be on the lookout for those!

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