Thursday, 16 June 2011

Quality Streets

Ma-gic Mo-ments....

Apologies to my non-British readers who may not know what Quality Streets are for the title of this post but I assure you that it makes sense to the Brits.

Tonight I was asked if I created any magical moments for guests last summer. Here's a list of some of my favourites.

1) Knighting ceremonies. Every now and again Sir Mickey requires some extra help to keep his Kingdom magical at all times and protect it from Villains that may be lurking so my job was to recruit young knights and ladies to help him out, complete with a mini ceremony.

2) Bubbles!!!! Everyone loves playing with bubbles no matter how old they are. there's something amazing about seeing hundreds of bubbles flying over the UK pavillion.

3) Fun with Stitch and Pluto. When I was in the stores Stitch helped me greet guests and ring up transactions. My last shift was on Pluto's birthday and I got to hang out with him and do some extra special birthday pin trading.

4) Photos with Buzz. During my stint in Tomorrowland Buzz would help me identify people in photos and would appear with guests as they took photos of themselves outside Emperor Zurg's jail cell.

5) Photos with Suzie. Admittedly I may have been lit up by a Christmas tree but every now and again a guest would ask to have their photo taken with me which is probably one of the most amazing compliments that I received last summer.

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