Thursday, 23 June 2011

Space Travel and Achy Feet

For me today was a free day which is obviously fun when you've got the whole of Walt Disney World at your fingertips.

The day kicked off with a few of us heading to Disney's Hollywood Studios. We immediately hit Sunset Boulevard, grabbing fast passes for Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and then queuing for Tower of Terror where we had a nice chat with a family from Dallas that were sporting Minnie Mouse Ears. The five of us sat in the front row and the ride photo was priceless to say the least. Last time I rode ToT it was the Summer Nightastic Version so it was nice to see the original back again.

Next stop: Beauty and the Beast (via food!). I think there are more than enough photos of the show floating around to demonstrate how good it is and all I can say about the food is that I had a salad with Chilli in it. Weird!

Back we went to Rock 'n' Roller Coaster to use our fast passes and another priceless ride photo was generated. Then came some meandering around shops followed by fluid replenishment and a chat with one of the DVC guys.

The first highlight of the day had to be going on Star Tours: The Adventures Continue for the first time. Wow!!!!! I loved the new queue and its references to Star Wars and the old attraction. As for the ride itself we visited Hoth and Naboo and the whole thing looked fabulous.

At around 5:30ish we were back at Vista and I felt done for the day. I had those aching feet that I remember having the first 2 weeks last summer. I thought I'd quickly pop over to the learning centre so that I could log in to the computer systems and check my schedule for the next week or so. As I left I bumped into some familiar faces who were about to head off to Applebees for dinner. Knowing how close by Applebees is (it's about a 5 minute walk away from Vista) I decided to join them and we had a lovely, and most importantly, CHEAP meal. It cost about half of what the other 2 sit down meals cost which makes a huge difference to my bank balance. It's always good to get to chat with a small group over dinner because you get to know a lot more about each other. It's easy to forget that 5 days in we're really all still strangers from completely different areas of the UK.

Once we got back to Vista we continued the chat outside the learning centre and somehow ended up all having our backs "cracked" by Rebecca on a bench in the middle of Vista Way. Possibly one of the more bizarre things of the trip so far.

Tomorrow I have a very early start and will probably have to get up at around 5:15am but hopefully the day will be a lot of fun. I'm thinking of stopping by Cast Connections later on in the day too.

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