Thursday, 9 June 2011

It Just Keeps Moving Along

One ride that I don't do very often actually provides some of the best photo opportunities in the Magic Kingdom and that's the Liberty Belle which 'paddles' it's way around the Rivers of America.

It starts in Liberty Square and circles Tom Sawyer Island in a clockwise direction.

At the moment it's the closest I've ever been to Tom Sawyer Island. In fact, I believe it's one of only 2 locations within the Disney World theme parks that I have NEVER been.

Tom Sawyer Island is one place that I'm determined to go this summer and there's a special reason why. Every day several paintbrushes are hidden by cast members on the island. If you're on the first boat of the day you get to try to find one of the brushes and if you do then your party gets fastpasses for one of the frontierland attractions.

I'm not too bothered about the fastpasses but I love a hunt and I'd love to explore the Island itself.

They used to have canoes that guests could paddle to get to the island but they're now long gone so the only way to reach the island is by raft.

There are, however, cast member canoe races around the island during the summer that take place in the early hours before the park is open to guests.

This cabin was once one of my favourite things on the island but it didn't quite look like this. Instead it was on fire and was featured in an old WDW video guide that referred to the owner having a house warming party!

The river banks have plenty of residents to look out for. Some are taking a nap, others are grazing...

and some are just going about their every day chores in the camp ground.

There are so many details on the river that you almost need to do several loops to really get to see them all. Here are a few more from my trip around it.

Well, I think that's enough of the Magic Kingdom for now. I know I've missed out Fantasyland and Tomorrowland but I may come back to them another time once I've got some good photos of them.

Next stop: Lights, Cameras, ACTION!!

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